Introducing Persona 1.0 - Beyond AI

 Automate anything with interactive, human-like AI

Automate pre-screening interviews, customer support calls, sales calls & everything else with AI that look, sound & converses like you.

Filter low-quality candidates early

Pre-screen more candidates in less time, so you can focus personally on quality candidates.

Human-like Conversation

Automate pre-screening interviews with realistic AI avatars that are close to person-to-person interviews.

Connect with your ATS

Get reports & feedback right in your application tracking system (ATS).

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Improved Support Experience

Customers communicate better when they speak and engage naturally.

Provide 24/7 Support

Be always available to support your customers, right when they need it not a minute later

People + AI

Let AI handle the redundant support while your team focus on more complex customer issues.

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Automated Sales Calls

Talk to potential customers right when they want to not when you can, with 24/7 lead engagement

Human-like Interaction

Automate sales call without sacrificing the human touch.

Connect with your CRM

Collaborate & get feedback from AI Teammate right in your CRM or Slack.

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Create your own Interactive AI

Create your own custom interactive AI for your unique use cases.

Connect to your knowledge base

Connect your custom Interactive AI to your knowledge base for better context and understanding.

Share your Custom Interactive AI

Share your Interactive AI by sharing a link or embeding it in your application.

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Beyond Automation...

Designed to handle processes requiring person-to-person interactions.

Human-like Interaction

Automate anything with human-like AI capable of engaging near-human conversations in real-time.


Connect your data, ensuring all interactions are handled with appropraite context

Collaborate Everywhere

Collaborate with AI right where you work wether it's in Slack or Intercom or Notion, get feedback, delegate task, and more.

Scale & Speed

Scale without limitations with AI can handle multiple meetings & tasks simultaneously.

Share with anyone, anywhere.

You can share your interaction with anyone via shared links or embedded on your website.

Scale Infinitely...

Designed so your team can focus on important work.