Introducing Diarupt - Beyond Automation

 Hire 6x faster with Near Human AI Recruiters

Supercharge your recruitment team with AI and hire at light speed ⚡️

Integrated with the tools you use and love

Interviewing is Hard & Slow

A better way to hire

Screen candidate at scale with AI, before moving them to Human recruiters for more streamlined experience.

Reduce time to hire by 6x.
 Automate 100s of screening interviews 24/7 without sacrificing candiatate's experience with near human AI recruiters.
Save $$$ in hiring costs.
 A 30 mins AI interview costs approxiamtely $4 compared to $14 (in the US) for a human recruiter.
Best automated interview experience.
 Unlike other forms of interview automation, like chatbots and one-way video interviews, our human-like AI recruiters are the closest experience to human recruiter.
Augment human recruiters, not replace.
 Filter out low quality candidates fast and move candidates to more streamlined stages with human recruiters
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Hire at Light Speed

Everything you need to hire at scale

Hiring the best talents shouldn't take forever. Empower your recruitment team with the tools neccessary to move at unprecedented speeds

Near Human Experience
Near human AI recruiters capable of fluid conversations while dynamically adapting to each candidate.
Run interviews at any scale, at anytime 24/7, even when your teams are asleep.
Actionable Reports
Your recruitment team stay in control, make decisions using detailed AI generate reports and insight.
Direct ATS integration
Use the tools you know and love without losing out on speed of AI with ATS Integrations

Let's break it down

How does it work?

Designed to integrate and fit into your existing workflow and keep your flow. Supercharge your recruitment team with Near Human AI Recruiters

Connect your ATS & relevant knowledge.
 With your ATS, we automatically pull job requirements, resumes, salary range, culture documents and more or you can specify them manually
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Share the interview link with your candidates
 You can manually invite candidates or integrate with your ATS to automatically share links with candidates
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Review AI generated reports
 After the interview, review the AI generated reports, transcripts, recording and decide if you want to move the candidate to the next stage or not
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Human touch

Augment, Not Replace

At the core of Diarupt is the belief that AI should augment human recruiters, not replace them.

We believe AI recruiters shouldn't own your entire interviewing pipeline, while it's capable of that. We believe in the importance of human touch and the importance of human recruiters in the hiring process.

You're in Control.

You decide where to use AI recruiters and human recruiters, you decide wether to advance candidates or not. Ultimately, You're in control. You decide.

Scale at light speed

Designed so your team can focus on important work